5 Tips to Help Overcome Gym Anxiety

At the Y, we know how difficult it can be to get yourself in the gym, especially when you have anxiety about getting there and getting started. Now is the perfect time to to get into a new routine and conquer your fitness goals. Here are a few tips and tricks to overcome anxiety before going to the gym:


Try a Group Fitness Class-

One of the most wonderful things about group fitness is that you do not have to know what to do, your instructors will walk you through the class, along with people who also do not know what they are doing. Make sure you show up early enough to inform your instructor that you are new to the so we can better accommodate you. Expect a friendly and welcoming environment. Don’t worry, you’ll find that most are too focused on their own workout then to focus on you.

Schedule a Coaching Connection or Personal Training Session-

When you enroll, you’ll meet one-on-one with a trained wellness professional. At your first meeting, your coach’s priority is to sit down and listen to your story. They learn about your health history and discuss your likes and dislikes.

Most importantly, they learn about your goals. Whether you’re just getting started or have exercised for years your personal goals become your coach’s primary focus.You’ll meet with a coach once a week for six weeks. During this time, your coach will help you create a comprehensive wellness plan that will get you on track for meeting your goals. The Y is committed to your success, so you can re-enroll in the program as often as you need.

Avoid Peak Hours of the Facility-

We know that our facilities can become overwhelming in peak facility hours.  It’s best to try to get yourself back in the gym when you are feeling most comfortable. Don’t push yourself too hard by trying to surround yourself with the fitness junkies. Do the best that you can, and the rest will follow.

Bring a Friend to With You

Friends will increase your accountability and likelihood of getting in the gym. Bringing a friend with you can also relieve any anxiety about being in the gym by yourself. Many times bringing a friend can increase the amount of time you would stay at the y versus how long you would stay if you were alone. Bringing a friend is an essential part of your fitness journey.

Be Confident-

Overcoming gym anxiety is a difficult thing to do but be confident in yourself for trying new things and trying to reach your goals. Lastly, try to realize that the majority of people in the gym are trying to achieve the same goals as you and are not looking to judge or compare themselves with you. Do your best and the results will follow.

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