4 Ways for Fat Loss


Everyone sets goals to lose weight and get fit.  Many people want fat loss to happen while they workout.  Remember fat loss does not happen overnight but rather through an intentional process of doing multiple things.  There are 4 main ways to help your body lose fat.  They are diet, strength training, interval training, and long steady cardio.

Diet is all about what you put into your body.  You can fuel your body with healthy choices or with unhealthy choices.  Keep in mind that your body’s fuel is what you put into it so be sure to think about what goes in to your body.  With diet it is key to have a well balanced diet and eat a variety foods.  You want to everything in moderation and limit cutting out food groups all together.

Strength training can be done a couple of ways.  One way is to use weight machines.  These are great for beginners or those who do not have a spotter with them.  With machines there are pictures on each to show you what muscles you are working.  This will help to make sure you are using the machine properly.  Another type of strength training is free weights.  With free weights you have to use more muscles with each exercise to stabilize the free weight.  The goal with any strength training is that you will be able to tone muscles.  Muscles that are toned burn more calories then ones that are not.

Interval training is another great way to burn fat.  Interval training consists of getting your heart rate up for a period of time then bring it down for a period of time.  Each of those periods of time are called an interval.  Doing interval training pushes your body and allows you to burn calories at a higher rate.

Long steady cardio is also a great way to burn calories.  With long steady cardio your goal is to get your heart rate up to 70% of your max heart rate keep it there.  You would want to do that for a minimum of 30 minutes.  This will help strengthen your heart and get you fit.

Fat loss is about more than just one particular thing.  In order to get results you have to attack it from multiple areas.  Each one has it’s own benefits and doing them all on a regular basis helps increase your chances to lose fat.  Fat loss is not a one size fits all.  It is a process that takes doing multiple different things to see results.

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