3 Healthy Habits to Start Today

healthylivinggoalsAt the Y, it is our goal that each person that comes in finds ways to be healthy by using healthy habits.  Habits take time to develop but once you do the results will be staggering.  Being healthy can be measured by many different tools.  Some people look at weight, or waist line, or blood pressure, or strength, or even how long you can do a cardio workout.  No matter what your goal these 3 healthy habits can help you reach it.

The first habit is a healthy diet.  There are many diets out there to choose from so how do you know which one to choose for you.  The key is to have a balanced diet.  A balanced diet consists of eating fruits and vegetables as well as protein and carbs.  The goal is a have a colorful and watch your portion sizes.  You may try having a plate with more fruits and vegetables on it instead of mostly carbs.  The more colorful the diet the better.

Another habit is daily exercise.  Exercise helps you burn calories and feel better.  You don’t have to exercise hours each day.  Just start with 20 minutes.  20 minutes a day will really add.  If you did that for a week.you would have exercised for 140 minutes.  That is over 2 hours of exercise.  Remember the goal when it comes to getting healthy begins with one choice.  Make your choice to exercise today.

The third healthy habit is sleep.  Sleeping allows your body to rest and your muscles to recover.  the goal is to get 7- 9 hours of sleep per night.  The more rested you are the better.  Most people think you rest from work but really you should rest so you can work.  Sleeping allows your mind to rest as well and in long run allows for a healthier you.

These 3 healthy habits are all about what starting with one choice.  None of these three things are impossible.  The goal when you start is not to change the world.  It is to make a few good choices each day.  These habits are a great way to start off on the right foot.  Don’t wait and start being healthier today.

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