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Stay Connected

It's important to know what's going on during your child's stay at our summer camp program. we've put several tools in place for you to get to-the-minute updates on summer camp, as well as ways for you to easily get in touch with your camp counselors. Using the tools below will ensure that both you and your child stay connected during their stay at the YMCA Summer Camp.


We have created a Facebook group for each of our camp locations. Once you join your child's camp group, you will be subscribed to all updates and notifications from our camp counselors. You'll also be able to interact with other camp parents, as well as ask questions and provide valuable feedback.

Hickory Branch - https://fb.com/groups/HickorySummerCamp
Shuford Branch - https://fb.com/groups/ShufordSummerCamp

Camp Website

This website will be a central hub for all important and regular camp updates. You can view great camp related information by visiting our Blog, as well as keeping up-to-date at our Updates & Notification Center.

The YMCA Mobile App

Along with a wide range of great tools, our mobile app also allows you to stay connected to our summer camp while on the go. You'll get push notifications of all camp updates, have access to all camp information, view photos and videos from our daily camp activities and have tools to directly contact your child's camp counselors and ask questions. You can download our mobile app here.